Designed to suit all levels beginning from 2 years old, classes at The LAB offer a variety of styles in a fun, safe, creative and nurturing environment. 


Straight to you from the Bronx NY, our fun, high intensity classes involve real hip hop foundation. You will learn grooves,  elements popping, locking, whacking, vogueing, and accompanying styles like dancehall, mixed with a commercial to ensure you get the most well rounded class possible!


Incorporating a strong technical foundation with a commercial flare, our jazz classes will have you leaping, turning and kickng across the room like never before!

This is a great class to improve flexbility, strength and technique. 

NOTE : You need jazz shoes!


As one of the 5 elements of hip hop, breakdance (Also known as breakin, b-boying or b-girling) incorporates rocking and floor work with an acrobatic appeal. 

This  high intensity class requires only sneakers, and will test your strength while you learn to top rock, freeze and battle!


Our classical ballet classes follow the RAD Syllabus (Royal academy of dance) originating in London. Ballet will have your technique en pointe in no time, as you learn to do the most difficult, strenuous moves with grace and poise.

NOTE: You need a black leotard, ballet tights and ballet slippers for class!


Every want to jump and roll on the floor, and not hurt yourself/ look a little more graceful? This is the class for you! With a strong technical base, this class will strengthen your centre while teaching you to be fluid and effortless as you leap, turn and move in and out of floor work.

NOTE: You might need foot thongs!


Cartwheels, backward walkovers, round offs, back flips.. This is where the magic happens!

Working on great strength, balance, agility and flexibility, this class teaches you acrobatic foundation from the bottom up, with classes from beginners to advanced!


Rhythm, percussion, beats, and a little more rhythms with an edgy, modern twist! Our Glenwood. syllabus tap will have you shuffling all day long!

If you love Tap dogs, happy feet, Gene Kelley, Hot hot shoe shuffle and Fred Astaire, you will love tap class!

NOTE: You will need tap shoes!


These classes are designed for dancers who want to level up. 

An intense hour of whole body stretching, corner work and progressions down the room.


Body conditioning and toning exercises are fantastic for muscle maintenance.





The LAB team mentor competitive crews, bridging the gap between amateur and professional dancers, who's members audition for a position at the beginning of each year. Students in these crews require additional training on top of their regular weekly routines. Crew training is second to none, with high intensity sessions forcing members to level up. Our crews have won national and international competitions including placings in Hip Hop International, World Supremacy Battlegrounds and Australian Dance Crew championships. 

Accelerate your learning and boost your confidence with our private lessons! Simply choose your choreographer/mentor, your genre, length of private and get to strengthening your craft! Contact the team to book your private lesson today!

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